Your low-cost options

Over 95% of buyers simply switch on their computer or tablet to look for property. So why pay thousands to Local Estate Agents? Scottish House Move can sell your home from as little as £595. We are Scotland's Largest & TOP RATED fixed fee Estate Agency and have sold THOUSANDS of Scottish Properties. Choose one of our LOW COST options below to get started.

Most Popular

Option 1

£595 Fixed fee up front

With nothing to pay on sale

This option is designed to keep your estate agency fees as low as possible. Pay the upfront fee and you pay nothing more on sale.

Pay once your property sells

Option 2

£895 Nothing up front

Defer payment until you sell and you can even defer the cost of your Home Report

This option is for sellers still looking to save money on estate agency fees but only for those that wish to pay once their property is sold or up to 12 months

Both fee options include as standard

  • Advertising on Rightmove, Zoopla, S1 Homes and 400+ sites
  • Quality photography
  • Schedule of particulars written by your Estate Agent
  • Online property schedule
  • Buyer matching service - we search our huge database for buyers looking for property in your area
  • The quickest and most simplistic buyers and sellers viewing process
  • Price negotiation to obtain the best selling price for your home
  • Telephone and Email support
  • Competitive Legal Fees from our selected legal panel 
  • We take no commissions on Legal Fees, Home Reports or Mortgage Referrals