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Scottish Home Reports

Let us organise your Home Report

All Scottish Home Sellers must obtain a Home Report before selling their property.  Scot House Move would recommend all sellers to obtain a Home Report that contains a Mortgage Valuation and carried out by a major surveyor who is on all the UK bank's lending panels.

Scot House Move can arrange your Home Report and have long-standing relationships with two of Scotland's major surveyors who will provide a full home report with mortgage valuation that is trusted by all the UK banks.

Organise your own Home Report

If you prefer to organise your own Home Report, simply do so and provide us with a copy prior to marketing your property. 

Bear in mind that low costs home reports will not be from a surveyor on the banks lending panels and you may need to pay for a new home report when you have sold your property, effectively meaning you have paid twice.

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