What do you provide in your estate agency service?

Due to significant investment in our 'back-end' IT system, we believe we can provide a better personal service than any high street Estate Agency (and particularly other online agents where everything tends to be automated). Estate Agency is still a "people business" and is not all about automating the entire selling process.

What we will do for you:

  • Assist with arranging the Home Report.
  • Maximum online exposure.
  • Arrange viewings; quickly, simply and easily - You talk to a human being rather than a computer screen.
  • Negotiate the highest possible selling price; we always encourage closing dates.
  • Provide a professional, transparent service at all times.
  • Provide you with the sales history of all property sales in your area.


How can you operate such a low fee structure compared to other estate agents?

There are four main reasons:

1. We have no expensive High Street Offices; we’re online. We don't try to hide this fact by claiming we are anything else.

2. We have no shareholders to pay and, therefore, no pressure to keep our share price high or have the costs of compliance and regulation of a PLC company. We are a committed local Scottish business employing Scottish people.

3. Our in-house property staff are only paid a bonus when your property actually sells, even with our upfront fixed fee of £595 inc VAT. This ensures our property staff are not incentivised for just listing your property; they are highly incentivised to sell your property. This is a fundamental difference from other Online Agents. No salesperson will visit your property and try to persuade you to list your property with Scottish House Move.

4. We are open and transparent with our pricing, all of which is advertised clearly on our website,  therefore, all savings made are passed directly to you, the customer. There is no hidden small print; what you see is what you pay.


What are the differences in your price packages?

The only difference is the amount you choose to pay upfront. The more you pay at the beginning of the process the less you pay at the end; the service is exactly the same.


Are there any hidden costs or anything else we should know?

Absolutely not. You receive a comprehensive advertising package and the price advertised is all you pay. You can buy additional extra services and these are listed on our payment page. There are no hidden surprises. 


Do I need to organise my Home Report via your company?

We can organise a Home Report to be carried-out on your behalf or, alternatively, you can instruct your own Home Report but it must be less than 3 months old. There is no commission paid to Scottish House Move if we organise your Home Report for you. We only use Home Report Companies that are on all the lenders' panels. Some low cost Home Report Providers are not on all the lenders' panels, which means you cant provide your buyer with a Mortgage Valuation. You may have to end up getting the Home Report done again if the budget Home Report is rejected by your buyers lender. Please contact us for more information.


Can you provide me with a valuation of my property?

We will not provide an inflated valuation figure to seduce you into using our services. We will use the Home Report Value as an accurate indication of your property's true value. You decide, with our recommendations, the level you would like to initially market your property at.


Do I need to use you for conveyancing?

We are not lawyers so we do not offer conveyancing, but you will need to use a legal firm on our panel. This ensures we get remunerated for any services we provide you from the free proceeds of your sale. Please note we do not earn any commission from legal referrals, unlike some of our competitors who will refer you to online conveyancers. We only recommend the most respected legal firms in Scotland. You can be assured of a first-class service which is absolutely critical when selling your property – most people’s biggest financial asset. Your legal fees will not exceed £795+VAT. You may have other small outlays depending if you have a mortgage on your property and any search reports required.

Which areas do you cover?

We sell properties throughout Scotland.

We only operate in Scotland. We are only interested in providing a high-quality great value for money service in Scotland. We employ Scottish People and we like to think we contribute to the Local Scottish Economy.


Why do you compare Scottish House Move to Purple Bricks on your website?

Purple Bricks are one of our direct competitors based in England who have tried to copy our model and are quite happy to mock commission based Estate Agents. We don’t mock High Street Agents because there is a definite place for many of the good quality commission-based Agents.

A lot of Agents gripe about Purple Bricks rather than taking the time to educate the public on the actual failings of the Purple Bricks model. We are also determined to provide sellers with an honest view on all the things Purple Bricks really don’t want sellers to know. We are not saying Purple Bricks are a poor company, but they are certainly not as transparent as they try to claim to be. We believe we are a much more transparent option. Above all Purple Bricks salespeople are all self- employed and operate through limited companies for the sole intention to avoid paying the right level of taxes like normal companies have to pay, Their local property experts are highly incentivised to sell you a home report, mortgage referral and legal referral. They make huge commission on selling you these extra services. You the customer are paying for Purple Bricks constant TV ads!